Now Accepting WINTER Consignments!

You Cleaned Your Closet... Now What?

(1) Schedule a Consignment Appointment (Current & New Consignors)

Schedule your Consignment Appointment HERE. We will go through your items on the spot and immediately return unaccepted pieces. This option is for those who would like their unaccepted items RETURNED after the initial inspection. 

Download our Seasonal Trend Report to get the best out of your consignment experience. 

(2) Drop & Dash (Current Consignors)

This option is for those who would like their unaccepted items DONATED. Leave your pieces with one of our consignment specialists and receive an email once items have been gone through and inspected. Any unaccepted pieces will automatically be donated. Please note: If you choose to Drop & Dash, there may be up to a 20 minute wait in store.  Drop & Dash is for CURRENT consignors only. 

Make Money, Honey! 

Our skilled pricing experts take care of all the details.  You will receive an itemized list, by email, of the acceptable pieces and get access to your very own online account, where you can keep track of sold items. Consignors receive 50% of the final selling price.  

Items sold? Hooray! You can use that for store credit or request a check anytime you have a balance over $25. Items are priced based on style, condition, and demand.

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