A heartfelt thank you.

April 7th would have been our 13th year in business. Over the  past 13 years, I’ve been so fortunate to be able to create Trends: a storefront and empowering community full of incredible & inspiring women.

Trends will always be my first baby. My family has been a part of every aspect of this business… my husband and father in law built our desk, my dad painted every square inch, our fixtures came from my family’s houses, and my boys play here on their days off… 

Trends is more than a store.. it’s a community. Recently one of our customers, commented that she came for fashion and left with friends… and that couldn’t describe Trends more. We’ve worked hard to create this space and I know it’s a happy place for many of you.

Unfortunately, on March 10th we will be closing our doors.

I understand this is happening very quickly… believe me… we’re In just as much shock as you are. I’ve been in the business for 13 years - I know the resale business and I love every aspect of the retail industry. This past year has been difficult. The retail climate and our area in Oak Park have changed.

My landlord has been the most understanding & empathic person. And I will be forever grateful for his compassion during this difficult time. 

As a business owner, It’s hard to not feel like a failure right now. The many sleepless nights of tears, worry, and concern about making the right decision have weighed heavily on me.

To quote my most favorite movie… “no man is a failure who has friends…” this Trends community is made up of the best friends I could ever ask for and when I think of each of you and how we’ve made a positive impact In your life - I feel accomplishment. But this journey isn’t ending…  

The Trends brand is bigger than the 4 walls at 810 North Blvd. This community we’ve created is greater than anything I could have imagined and we’re going to celebrate the impact we’ve made!

I’m a huge fan of Elton John and like Elton, we’re going out in style… Please join Me, Meg, & Mckenzie as we say “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and step into this new phase of our lives.

When you come shop our sale these next few weeks, wear your yellow, add some sequins to your look, put on your oversized sunnies… channel your inner Elton John and let’s celebrate these past 13 years of being Trendy! 🤩

Because I have always tried to be transparent in how we operate, I will be as open and honest with you as possible these next few weeks. 

Here’s what will be happening between now and March 10th:

CONSIGNORS: We are no longer accepting consignments. If you have items currently with us, you may pick them up at any time. All remaining items are subject to sales and will be credited to your account. Anything not sold during our sale these next few weeks will be donated.

PAYOUTS: Due to our software outage, payments will be mailed out to active consignors by request on MARCH 31.  You must email us your request by MARCH 10th. We cannot process payments in store. If you are an active consignor, please email me to request a check. Store Credit can still be used for non-active consignor accounts, pending our software restoration.

SHOPPERS: Everything in store is 30% off and we have several $10-$20 racks. Gift cards & reward points can be redeemed until 3/10. Reward points will no longer be accrued. Store displays / fixtures / supplies will also be for sale - with more being added as we get closer to 3/10. Keep watching for updates on sale pieces.

** With this closure, we have the added complication of our software being down. Once that is fully restored, you will be able to use your store credit, check accounts, & redeem reward points. We anticipate this restoration to happen by this weekend, assuming everything goes as planned.

I am ever grateful for your business, you have made Trends & the Trendie community what it is today. You’ll never know how much you have changed mine and my employees lives.  Storefront or not, I will be here for you always.

Thank you Trendy Beauty Queens for 13 wonderful years, 

Amanda Sabatino | owner