Trendsetter Alert: Monochromatic Fashion

trendsetter alert monochromatic looks cover photo
A style trend you have to try this month is MONOCHROMATIC. Putting together this look can be fun with these simple steps.
How to wear monochromatic
Pink Ensemble ( SweaterPurse | Pants | Jacket )
COLOR :: Choose your color category and build from there (white, pink, green).
White Ensemble ( Jacket | Sweater | Pants | Hat | Necklace | Bag)
TEXTURE :: Pick different fabrics in the same color. Try a wool coat with a cashmere sweater or a silk top with a leather pant. This allows you to create the illusion of a monochromatic look. It's also ideal if you're getting your pieces from different brands.
Black Ensemble ( Sweater | Jacket |  Similar Pants | Boots )
SHADE :: The monochromatic look doesn't have to be matchy-matchy. Don't limit yourself to one shade, layer different shades (light blue and royal blue) for a cohesive, interesting look. 
Blue Ensemble ( Sweater | Necklace | Jacket | Denim )
3-4 PIECES :: Aim for 3-4 pieces in the same color category to achieve the look.
Pink Ensemble 2 ( Top | Jacket | Pants | NecklaceBag )
MAKE IT POP :: Make your monochromatic look even more dramatic by adding a statement piece, something that doesn't match. Your pop could be denim, a statement shoe, or even a bold lip. 
Green Ensemble ( Sweater | Jacket | Skirt | Bag )
Trends Tip :: The most successful monochromatic looks layer both tones and textures with one striking pop to break things up! 
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