At Home Date Nights

Date Night at home outfit ideas collage
After endless nights of staying in, it's time to recreate the spark with these 5 at home date night ideas to try this weekend. With shoppable links under each picture, we have everything covered, all that's left is for you to create the memories.
Dinner by Candlelight
date night outfit
Ordering takeout has become the norm lately. Do something a little different and pick out a meal you both have been craving, make it together and enjoy each others company with a candlelit dinner for 2. Involving the kids? Make it family friendly and let those little hands help create the meal too. We can hear the squeals now when you bring out the china, fancy dishes, and light the candles!
Game Night
Game Night outfit
Get out your favorite games and spend the night laughing and talking, instead of staring at your screens. You can stick to one game or make it a whole tournament to see who is the ultimate game night champion. winner gets a back rub! Make it a group date, by calling your friends on zoom and partake in fun challenges... who can find a roll of toilet paper first or make a drink the fastest? Winner buys the other couple dinner. 
Spa Night
Spa Night Outfit
Put the kids to bed early, it's face mask time!  Give each other massages while sipping cucumber water and turning off your phones for the night. Pick up fluffy robes and slippers for the ultimate spa experience. Bonus points if you have spa music playing in the background. 
Painting Party
Painting Party Outfit
Grab canvas and paint from your local art store and pick your favorite painting video on Youtube... who doesn't want to pain happy little trees?!? Pour yourselves a glass of wine or mocktail and let the creativity flow! This can go one way or another... a night of laughing at how bad you did or a making new art for your living room. Either way, you're sure to create a night of memorable moments. 
Workout date night outift
Treat yourself to a new workout ensemble and show your significant other your favorite class. Boxing, yoga, HIT, the possibilities are endless! With most gyms offering online classes, sign up for one that neither of you have tried before and learn it together. Combine your workout with a spa night and you'll have a safe and fun day just for the two of you! 
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