5 Designer Bags You Need This Summer

Date night or weekend getaway, these 5 Designer bags are sure to help you create the perfect Summer! These style of bags will be available to purchase in our Designer Trunk Show on Wednesday, June 9th.
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Gucci Tote bag
Gucci Tote Bag. The perfect carry all bag. Take it with you to the Farmers Market or use it as a work bag. This light canvas and splash of pink is perfect for all the Summer vibes.
Chanel bowler bag
The Chanel Bowler Bag. Its petite size is just the right amount to make a statement and hold all of your essentials. The blush color is a great neutral to go with every outfit! 
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard. Just the name of this Louis Vuitton bag has us dreaming of Summer nights. Take this beauty out on date night, it's your time to shine! 
Chanel camion tote
Chanel Camdon Tote. When you're sporting a Chanel bag does it even count if you can't see the logo? This is the classic Chanel bag. It's small but mighty - a compact tote style that can hold all your essentials and more.
Louis Vuitton Samur
Louis Vuitton Samur. You spent most of last year at home, now it's time to take those weekend getaways! The Louis Vuitton Samur is perfect for travel, as it's double sided and can keep evertything secure with it's buckle closure.
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